Posted: 2022-04-23

The parallels are frightening


1. Both imposed dictatorial rule over their countries.


2. Both suppressed dissent and eliminated independent media.


3. Both unhesitatingly murdered individuals who were a threat to their rule.


4. Both invaded a series of neighbouring countries.


5. Both used lies and disinformation to justify their actions.


6. Both used a symbol (swastika or Z) to advertise support for their wars.


7. Both had no hesitation in causing death and destruction on a massive scale. 


8. Both employed partial genocide: Jews were killed because they were Jews; Ukrainians were killed because they were Ukrainian.


9. Both were appeased by western powers. Appeasement of Hitler led to Czechoslovakia being forced to give in to his demands for a large chunk of their territory; appeasement of Putin has led to him possibly gaining control of a large chunk of Ukraine (hopefully not). 


10. Both were supported by ‘useful idiots’ in other countries who thought they represented ‘a better future’ than the UK, USA, France etc. Total delusion. However imperfect, they are paradise compared to fascism.


Brian McClinton 23rd April 2022