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For more information, contact Brian McClinton: 02892677264    07962122038 


We seek to unite and enrich the island of Ireland through Humanism and Freethought. There are numerous issues, such as religious control of education, gender equality, LGBT rights, tourism and the environment on which Humanists throughout the island can work together. But, above all, we seek nothing less than the hegemony of the Humanist philosophy throughout this small island. 


Irish Freethinkers and Humanists is an organisation that promotes freethought secular Humanism and represents the interests of those who adopt this enlightened philosophy. We promote freethought, tolerance, compromise and community in a society dominated for so long by sectarian religious and nationalist ideologies. We provide a forum for debate, discussion and education on the important issues of the day through activities such as our monthly meetings, our website, our Facebook page and our bi-monthly magazine Irish Freethinker and Humanist. 


To find out more about Humanism, see The Humanist Handbook (left), which is a comprehensive history and analysis of Humanism, and read our Manifesto for the next decade below it.