Click on 'Clerical Errors' above to read Bob Rees's book on the improbable history of Christianity and the diabolical harm that it has done, and continues to do, in God's name. We soon discover, however, that God is innocent! The finger of suspicion turns instead to the Clerics who originally formulated Christian dogma, and on their successors who have subsequently promoted various competing brands of monotheism.



Part I: Setting the scene     6

Chapter 1: One of many biased short histories of Christianity     7


Part II: The harm done in God’s name    18

Chapter 2: Promote ignorance, oppose progress       21

Chapter 3: Sin and morality     36

Chapter 4: Some sample sins     57

Chapter 5: Divisiveness     76

Chapter 6: God is on our side    91

Chapter 7: Suffer, little children!   112


Part III: Could it all be a con trick?  126

Chapter 8: The shaky foundations of Christianity   133

Chapter 9: How can so many intelligent people be so wrong?   162

Chapter 10: Clinging to belief   178

Chapter 11: Slowly losing faith   188


Part IV: Follow the money 206

Chapter 12: The God business   208

Chapter 13: Political power   220


Part V: What’s to be done?   238

Chapter 14: The lessons   240

Index 262