These are being put together gradually. We begin here in May-June 2020. In fact, Irish Freethinker as such started in September 2016 marked as no 160, the numbering taking into account earlier Humanist publications of which Irish Freethinker was a continuance. We list here by both the numbers and dates covered by IF issues. There is a gap in publication for July-August 2022, owing to the death of the then editor, Brian McClinton. In due course, the period between 2016 and March-April 2020 inclusive will be uploaded. Humanism Ireland will also be uploaded in due course.

In some cases, the issue archived begins at page 3 and excludes page 24, because the standard front cover, page 2 contents and back-page subscription form were not always included in the web file.

 As of 2023, an enhanced hard copy Irish Freethinker became quarterly starting February and, as   from January '23, it is complemented by a monthly email bulletin entitled IFH News.



Jan-April (197) [cover]

Nov-Dec (196)


Sep-Oct '22 (195)


May- June '22 (194)


March-April '22 (193)


Jan-Feb '22(192)


Nov-Dec '21 (191)


Sept-Oct '21 (190)


July-Aug '21 (189)


May-June '21 (188)


March-April '21 (187)



Jan-Feb '21 (186)


Nov-Dec '20 (185)


Sept-Oct '20 (184)


July-Aug '20 (183)


May-June '20 (182)




Jan '23 (no. 1)

No. 2 onwards emailed to subscribers,
contents may be viewed here.